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Tickety Boo Mercantile

Saving the World one piece of crap at a time!

Kayla Juku Jewelry

Made with love & imagination by

Kayla Cantley

Feeb's Crafts

Fun & whimsical items by

Felicia Summers

Old Crow and Me Metal Art

Unique metal designs by

Candice & Thomas Colaiseno

Heart of Glass

Handcrafted stained glass by

Carrie Petry

Tam's Tarts

The best tarts and fragrances by

Tammi Pittman

Art by Amy

Stunning sea shell art by

Amy Cantley

Woodbury Signs

Handcrafted and handmade signs by

Doug & Sandee Clay

Leigh Leigh Photography

Original and local photos by

Rachel Shumate

Tea Cup Trinkets

Cute and precious accessories by

Tiffany Massie & Tiffany Calvert

Art by Gary Vaughn

Hand painted unique art by

Gary Vaughn